RiverJam Fest

RiverJam Fest

RiverJam Fest

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Maine Center for Electronic Music (MCEM) presents CLUB: Constant Love Universal Beauty; an all ages dance party and open work bench for music and production.

DJ’s, producers, vocalists and MC’s are invited to practice, perform and record using MCEM’s traveling sound booth. Participants have the option to record a DJ mix, collaborate on a new track or get feedback on an existing project. MCEM artist affiliates will be on hand to guide you through the use of their microphones, DJ controllers, speakers and sub.

While collaboration is possible, as a participant you are encouraged to create, perform and record your own work regardless of style.

The MCEM experience can include a crash course in production or feedback on a project. Maybe you just want to hear your song played loud over a sound system.

Create your own content, collaborate on a new track or learn more about programs led by artists such as the multi-media performance group Hi Tiger, legendary beatmaker 32french, afrobeat DJ Steel Calvin and local rising star of EDM, DJ Neutral. Full descriptions of Maine Center for Electronic Music programs and events are available on the interwebs at: https://mcem207.weebly.com/