RiverJam Fest

RiverJam Fest

RiverJam Fest

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As a musician, nothing is more fun than jamming with new people.
Everyone – regardless of experience – brings a unique dynamic all their own to the practice room.
Lend your voice and create some tasty grooves at the Improv Soundscape Experiment, first year at Fringe Fest. This activity is fun for all ages, and all skill levels (even if you’ve never played music in your life.)

Ever tried beat boxing? Do you like hip-hop beats? Disco dance parties? At this custom, one-of-a-kind music making invention, hop on the mic and we’ll create improvised, upbeat tunes that will get you moving!

Microphones will be set up to for anyone who is brave enough to record, sample, and synthesize your voice into a collaborative, experimental live DJ set, orchestrated by Jesse Galkowski, a local creator who has his audio/video studio in Biddeford.

You can hear his music as Easy Elliot (www.easyelliot.bandcamp.com) or with his band, Oh Boy Thanks! along side his two siblings.