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Back to River Jam by popular demand: Mallett Brothers!

Led by brothers Luke and Will Mallett, the band is rounded out by Adam Cogswell on drums, Nick Leen on bass, Wally on dobro and electric guitar, and Andrew Martelle on fiddle and mandolin. I

Watch videos and hear their great music here!

Enjoy Run of the Mill’s brew tent plus awesome food trucks: El Camino Fresh Mexican Grill, Cousins Main Lobster, The Poutine Co., Sweetcream Dairy and Cannoli Joe’s.

Here’s a Mallett Brother’s interview by HOB media intern, Destinee Cyr…

What happens when you put a MacGyver, a master fisherman, a dancing machine, a nacho-connoisseur, and two brothers on stage? You get one heck of a show, from the one and only Mallett Brothers Band.

What you might not know is that in between staying busy with their hidden talents, and sips of Maine craft beer, these guys bring a party everywhere they go. And why should you care? Because they’re the headliners of this year’s 4th Annual River Jam Festival.

Self-described as a Rock n’ Roll Country band, the Mallet Brothers played last year’s River Jam Fest and are excited about their return. “We’ve been needing a reason to get back down there,” said Luke Mallet, vocalist and guitarist for the Mallet Brothers. He added, “Seeing Saco Island packed last year was pretty cool.” The band is looking forward to a large turn out. “Last year it was kind of raining in the start, but people came out in full force anyway,” Luke said. “that really speaks to their willingness and makes us want to come back down and do more stuff.”

Although most of their excitement stems from the chance to put on another great show for the Biddeford Saco area, the Mallet Brothers are thrilled to be a part of the entire experience; including the opportunity to indulge in the food truck scene, and getting to act as fans in the crowd. “We’re really excited to see the other bands on the bill,” said Will Mallett, vocalist and guitarist for the Mallet Brothers. “We’re normally all so busy, so it’s rare to see other local musicians play.”

While the band might not be native to the Biddeford Saco area, the Mallet Brothers have a genuine appreciation for the surrounding area, and are happy to represent the great state of Maine. “Maine is just a big small town,” said Will. “If we’ve played somewhere once, we kind of feel a connection to it.” Luke added, “Small towns can follow right along and that’s cool.”

Not only does the band encourage fans to follow along, they also encourage them to get involved. For their most recent music video filming, the group put out a Facebook post last minute asking for extras for their new “The Falling of the Pine” video. “Five to ten minutes before the start, everyone began showing up at once,” Luke said. “It was the middle of the day at Brian Buru’s, and everybody should’ve had other things to do, but they came out anyway.”

Fans have shown their support for the band in a variety of ways, from getting tattoos, to being relentless listeners, to driving across the country to catch a show, to even the creation of an honorary “Falling Pine” session ale by Threshers Brewing Company. Whatever the situation, the Mallett Brothers Band wants to say thank you to their awesome fan base. “We owe a lot to the people that keep on coming and keep buying our records,” Luke said. “We have a diehard fan base that’s slowly growing, but I would pick the diehards every time.”

With so many supporters, it’s no surprise that everyone has a different song that they’re dying to hear. “Spotify tells us “Lodown” is a favorite,” said Luke, “and while our new song, “Falling of the Pine” isn’t the most representative of our sound, it has been steady on every set list.”

Whatever sounds we expect to hear this upcoming September, one thing can be certain: music that brings out camaraderie, community, and joyful feelings will be the main focus. “More often than not, our shows turn into rock shows, and for me, I want people to be a part of that,” said Andrew Martelle, fiddler for the Mallett Brothers. “I want them to feel what I feel on stage, and create a visceral reaction that is a connecting point.”

As a Maine-based band, and now a national touring act, the Mallett Brothers Band is continuing to grow in popularity. “We went from jamming and low aspirations, to ‘we’re going to do this all the time and quit our jobs’,” said Wally, guitarist and dobro player for the Mallet Brothers Band “it’s been a slow uphill climb, but it’s been eight years and we’re still going.”

Over the years, each band member has experienced their own version of success, with accomplishments becoming greater along the way. “I went from getting arrested in my small home town, to playing the 50th anniversary of the Yarmouth Clam Festival with the Portland Symphony Orchestra,” said Nick Leen, bassist for the Mallett Brothers Band. “So I think I did alright in terms of success.”

Whatever the accomplishment, the band remains humble yet excited for the next step in their journey. Since touring began, the Mallett Brothers Band has traveled as far as Texas, and is looking forward to performing out in California this fall. But for now, you can catch them on the east coast, coming live to a festival near you!