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 We are so excited that Spencer Albee is bringing his full band to this year’s River Jam for the first time.

Listen to Spencer’s music and great videos on his website!

Enjoy Run of the Mill’s brew tent plus awesome food trucks: El Camino Fresh Mexican Grill, Cousins Main Lobster, The Poutine Co., Sweetcream Dairy and Cannoli Joe’s.

Here’s an interview from HOB’s media intern, Destinee Cyr….

If you’ve heard of Maine’s premier band, the Rustic Overtones, you’ve heard of Spencer Albee, because he was one of Rustic’s founding members.

But, if that name doesn’t already strike a chord, here is your musical awakening. Spencer is set to play this year’s 4th Annual River Jam Festival in September. And before he arrives, he wants the citizens of Biddeford to be to know, “We’re going to throw a party, and have a really good time,” Albee said. Albee has roots connected to the city of Biddeford, as he spent much time in the tri-city area as a child. More recently, Albee has played solo shows at Elements, and is a frequent patron of Palace Diner.

“I don’t think the people of River Jam will be disappointed,” Albee said, “we accommodate all people and draw from all different styles of music including funk, soul, and neoclassical.”

Many critics and publications have ascribed Albee’s sound to reflect the Beatles, however, Albee does not view himself in the same light. “When I listen to my music, I think I sound like me,” Albee said, “I’m not trying to sound like anyone else.”

While Albee aspires to generate his own recognizable sound within the music scene, he does not deny drawing influence from idols such as Jeff Lynn, Stevie Wonder, David Bowie, and of course, the Beatles. “They were the first to the table for innovation and music styles,” said Albee, “they were the first, and they are the best.”

With his recent release of his 20th studio record, Instrumental Breakdown, Albee describes his success by his ability to keep making records that’s are not ‘dad rock’. “It is a joy and a pleasure to make another record and have people care, I am so grateful for that,” Albee said.

When asked what makes him most excited about this year’s River Jam Festival, Albee emphasized his eagerness to play for all people. “I pushed to get the show, this is very important to me,” Albee said, “I cannot wait to come down to Biddeford and play to people,” While Albee is thrilled to play for his fans, he also hopes to entertain new faces in the crowd. “I want to play for people who have never heard of me,” Albee said, “I look forward to surprising them.”

Although one super fan has gone to the extent of surprising Albee with limited edition ‘Yellow Submarine’ themed Vans sneakers, Albee believes the greatest thing a fan can do is continue to support him. “I’m just happy to see people keep coming to shows and buying records,” Albee said. “Fans are excited by my music, and that’s great because I’m going to keep making it.” With River Jam right around the corner, be sure to freshen up on tunes such as “All Quiet on the Western Prom” and “Ten to One,” which are likely to be features in Albee’s set list.