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RiverJam Fest

RiverJam Fest

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Karaokish: choose y/our own adventure
Facilitated by Devon Kelley-Yurdin
Location: Inside at 148 Main Street Suite 102 next to The Art Certificate Program: TACP.

Karaokish is an opportunity to explore performance within a playful and supportive environment, similar to Karaoke… but not quite! At this event, you are invited to explore karaoke-adjacent activities that you may or may not want to do at a traditional karaoke night, with each performer opting-in to whatever conditions feel best for them. Audience members are also participants, because holding space for bravery is never a passive act! You’re very welcome to just come just to watch, but know that being there in any capacity means you’re part of the group experience and that your active support is a vital part of the gathering.

Come ready to laugh! Ready to cheer! Ready to support each other in our nerves and our sillines! Chose our group adventure by choosing your own. (You can even come with a secret idea and decide when you get there if you want to do it or not).

Email devon.kelley.yurdin@gmail.com for questions, thoughts, fears, or pep talks.

Some participation ideas include (but are not limited to):

-You want to sing a self-indulgent sleeper slow jam that no one knows or cares about but you adore.
-You want the entire room to sing together.
-You want to sing but you don’t want anyone to actually look at you.
-You want to lip sync.
-You want to sing along to the original.
-You want to only sing a made-up harmony.
-You love karaoke and/or have never done it before and just wanna sing totally regular karaoke-style (a perfectly great option).
-You don’t like to sing it but you do still know all the choreography to n*sync’s “bye bye bye” video and you feel proud (which you should) and want to share.
-You want to sing, but will sing all the lyrics you thought were correct before you learned the real ones.
-You want to stop the song half way through because it turns out it’s not actually any fun for you.
-Group sing-alongs (highly encouraged).